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Our Team

Eddy Hall

Eddy founded and directed the Community of the Servant, an interdenominational urban ministry in Oklahoma City and today is on the leadership team of Hilltop Urban Church in Wichita, Kansas. He has been consulting with churches since 1996, full-time since 1998 as senior consultant with Living Stones Associates. In 2009 he cofounded Cities on Hilltops to provide coaching and leadership training specifically to urban, oral culture churches.

Dennis Hesselbarth

Dennis is the founding pastor of Hilltop Urban Church in Wichita, Kansas, a multi-ethnic oral-cutlure church, where he has pastored for 22 years. Under his leadership, Hilltop planted a Hispanic church that shared Hilltop's building for several years before moving to their own location. Dennis has served on denominational agencies for urban and crosscultural ministries. In 2009 he cofounded Cities on Hilltops.

Nathan Butler

Nathan has been one of the pioneering indigenous leaders through Hilltop Urban Church's "extreme church makeover." He and his wife Cindy are the shepherds of the Lighthouse house church and serve in various other leadership roles. Nathan is a member of the Cities on Hilltops board of directors.

Cities on Hilltops
Phone: (316) 440-3681